Mayne Stage Virtual Tour and Event Booking Updates

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that spring and summer events at Mayne Stage have been moved to later dates. Our professional event manager has worked directly with every client with an event this year and in 2021, to provide alternate dates as requested and to reassure that we will work with our clients every step of the way.

Mayne Stage has reassured clients that their deposits can easily be applied to a later date. We value our clients so much, it is important to us that we do everything possible to make their event successful, including finding acceptable alternate dates. We would never penalize our clients during a crisis, as we place a high value on our repeat business.

Because of this philosophy, our event clients this year have been able to easily move their events to a later date with confidence and with our full support.

If you have been contemplating an event in the future, we are now scheduling tours of Mayne Stage, starting in late June. Tours will be limited to two guests and one Mayne Stage staff member so that we can continue to practice social distancing. Masks will be available for guests; you are also welcomed to bring your own. Hand sanitizer will be available at the start and the end of each tour. Disposable gloves are optional and are available for your use at the start of the tour.

Our team has always given the utmost attention and detail to providing guests a healthy and clean experience. We follow the CDC guidelines for approved disinfectants and products to be applied to all high touch surfaces and have prepared for your visit with an additional thorough disinfecting process.

If you want to take a look at this Art Deco theater for inspiration, or are considering planning a future event, please see the virtual tour that is now on this website! Go to INSPIRATION GALLERY – and you will see our virtual tour under VIDEOS AND TOURS, right next to the photograph of Jennifer Hudson, one of our guests last year! Stay tuned – we will soon be adding floor plans to the website to help you visualize your future event.

Finally, we’d like to tell you what sets Mayne Stage apart from so many event venues, especially these days. Besides having a beautiful, historical theater in the heart of Rogers Park, our Hospitality team is here to work with you to create the event that you desire. We are a team of professional event managers, but your event is personal to you – so it’s personal for us as well.

See you soon at Mayne Stage!



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