A new lease on life for a grand
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Mayne Stage served for many decades as a performance space, but as time passed, the many live shows that graced the stage rendered it in need of a focused reinvigoration effort.

The initial renovation of Mayne Stage (then known as The Morse Theater) included an all-new interior structure and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The addition of a mezzanine brought the total building area to 18,000 square feet. The project also included a complex expansion of the basement.

On the exterior, the original terracotta detail was restored and recreated. Inside, energy conservation measures were carefully evaluated to use the most effective solutions, including installing insulation twice the effectiveness required by code. The insulation works alongside energy recovery ventilators to recover wasted heat produced by stage lighting. Similarly, demand-controlled ventilation helps during periods of very low occupancy when HVAC systems still need to run, but ventilation may be reduced to a minimum. The project also included adding a small area of green roof and highly reflective materials to balance out the structure.

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