5 Steps to Plan a Spectacular Meeting

Planning a business meeting begins with defining the purpose and theme of the event. A successful meeting is the result of many decisions along the way that align with your event goals. Here’s how to plan an exciting event that employees look forward to and benefit from attending.

1. Find a Unique Location: As with any occasion, finding a great location is crucial for a memorable meeting. Select a distinct place that employees will be excited to attend. Look at venues that are different than the typical conference room or hotel ballroom. Consider a site that has a bit of history or uniqueness that will entice and energize your guests.

2. Tailor Food & Refreshments: Hangry guests can make for a distracted audience and an unproductive event. It’s difficult to get the attention of a hungry audience who is only concentrated on when they’re eating their next meal or grabbing for their next snack. Select a venue with outstanding menu options or find a caterer that satisfies a wide variety of taste preferences and dietary restrictions.

Consider the type of company and select a menu accordingly. Is it a startup? A big corporation? Is serving alcohol appropriate? Answering these questions up front is crucial to ensure the event fits your company culture.

3. Select an Entertaining Speaker: A charismatic presenter brings energy to the event. If hiring a guest speaker, seek someone who is dynamic and has industry knowledge. If you have an in-house speaker, prioritize quality over rank. Even if the person isn’t the CEO but has an engaging personality, consider that quality over the high position of another candidate. Pick someone who exudes the same upbeat attributes you’d look for in a guest speaker. Your guests will thank you for it.

4. Take Advantage of Amenities: The best kind of venues offer exceptional amenities that are often difficult to find at other locations. Attentive staff, great lighting, state-of-the-art sound systems, staging, delicious meal options and a unique ambiance, to name a few. Be aware that the number of guests that will be attending the meeting is compatible with the amount of space the venue offers. Just like being hangry, being cramped for space can make for an uncomfortable meeting that can only take away from the content. If the venue you’re considering has any of the qualities listed above, it’s important that you use them. It will not only impress your guests, but it will make the event more memorable.

5. Have Fun & Enjoy: Enjoy the process. Often meetings are mandatory, so make it fun for employees while having a good time yourself while you plan. If you’re enjoying the process, odds are, your guests will enjoy the event as well.

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